Upon entering the SSR home clients establish a working relationship with our sober staff to ensure a comfortable assimilation into the house and SSR program, which emphasizes open communication, and peer support.
We require a minimum 90-day commitment to ensure enough time to build a solid foundation of skills to maintain your sobriety.

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SOBER: Establish a sober foundation. 

Goals for Phase One:

  • Initiation of outpatient services

  • Initiation or continuation of the 12 Step Program or equivalent recovery program

  • Obtaining or continuing a working relationship with a 12 step sponsor or mentor

  • Pledging to maintain two meeting commitments per week

  • Completing Steps 1 through 5

  • Attending daily outside support meetings with house clients and or house staff

  • Creating with staff a SSR Goal Planning Worksheet to provide a framework for recovery, life skills development, and re-entry into life beyond sober living
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SOLUTIONS:  Primary objective is action.

Goals for Phase Two:

  • Maintain phase one commitments

  • Begin job search, vocational training and, or academic pursuits

  • Complete Steps 6 through 12 or equivalent

  • Attend five outside support meetings per week – three of which will be with your house peers and or staff

  • Review SSR Goal Planning Worksheet to evaluate progress
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RECOVERY:  Primary objective is balance.

Goals for Phase Three:

  • Maintain phase two objectives

  • Be gainfully employed or establish full-time student status

  • Make commitment to 12 Step Program sponsee and, or mentor phase one client

  • Attend at least three support meetings per week

  • Work with staff to create a plan to transition to independent living

Services provided at the SSR House


  • Staff on site and available at any time
  • Daily communal breakfast & meditation
  • Weekly goal setting & life coaching discussions with staff
  • 12 Step meetings & workshops
  • Court advocacy
  • Enforced curfews and random urinalysis
  • Transportation


  • Sober escort
  • Intervention and relapse assistance


At SSR we start the day with morning meditation, followed by breakfast for everyone.  The day is then tailored specifically to each client and each program is individualized. However, Clients are expected to attend their outpatient programs, school and or work during the day.  

In the evening clients attend outside 12 step meetings together, as a house, for support and fellowship. Weekly outings are also scheduled for the client community which have included Dodger Games, Museums, Film Festivals, Go Karting, Rock Climbing, Movie Nights and more.