Dr. Cathy S.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Matthew. You have taken great care of him over the last 4 months and I really appreciate all your help and support. It has been very comforting to me that Matthew has been in a safe and supportive environment. I know you have really looked after his physical and emotional well being."

Client James D

"The entire program was more than I expected. This was the best decision I have made and I wouldn’t change a thing. The house was beautiful and always stayed clean. The directors and the staff were so supportive and helpful. The house meetings were extremely well done and very enlightening. Overall, I had a great experience. Who knew that a sober living could be fun and enjoyable! I’m so glad that I came to Sober Solutions Recovery."

Client Andy S

"I spent 67 days at Betty Ford in Palm Springs on my recovery,  I felt super confident about my recovery and had no intention on moving to a sober living, but after strong suggestion from my counselors at Betty Ford and my parents I moved straight from Betty Ford into SSR.  The structure and camaraderie at SSR was vital to my early sobriety.  I thoroughly believe that without SSR I would not have stayed sober.  I am currently studying what I am passionate about at USC, I have an internship and am still attending regular meetings that I went to when I was at SSR. My life is back on track, when it seemed like it was going nowhere, and I owe a great deal of that to SSR."

"Just wanted to pass along my gratitude for you and your program. You guys really go above and beyond "

Ryan Blivas: Founder - Key Mentoring

"SSR's holistic approach to treatment ensures a meaningful and lasting recovery. They take special care with patient evaluation, and while treatment is rooted in core principles, plans are catered to each individual. Following my stay at SSR, I found myself not just comfortable in my sobriety, but a more confident and centered man."

Client Ryan S